Automation Capability

Financial Institutions has the ease of cooking and submitting regulatory reports without manual interruption. Setrega is capable of accepting source data in any format and convert it into acceptable regulatory reporting format with one-time configuration. Source Data synchronization, Report generation and Submission can be scheduled in Weekly, Monthly and Real-Time basis. 

Establishment of Compliance

Financial Firms need not worry about new regulatory introductions and amendments to statutory directives. Sensiple’s Setrega provides flexible data source configuration, API mapping and reporting format changes with minimum customization in product level. It ensures major relief from regulatory risks and compliance risks of the financial institution who are working in various regions. 


Generally, Buy Side Institutions have fewer data to report but more numbers of regulatory authorities, Sell Side firms have more volume of data and more regulatory authorities than Buy Side and Venues have huge volume of data to be reported to respective regulatory authority. Setrega is scalable in terms of increasing number of connections, volume of data, number of reports and formats, increased number of submission modes and regulatory authorities. 


Handling huge volume of data always has a challenge of managing data, exception handling, error correction, and auditing. Setrega makes it simple and allows clients to have full control over data by powerful data transparency method to handle reports, identify error data, malformed information, and manual correction. It saves time and cost of financial institutions by avoiding hard and complex analysis to identify problematic data and reports. 


Setrega- A one stop solution for all regulatory reporting and compliance risks for financial institutions. Highly informative dashboard in Setrega provides all historical, current and scheduled regulatory reports and its internal and external statuses in graphical and tabular representations. The dashboard also has an in-build feature for feedback or error handling mechanism showing the list of alerts generated in the reports.

Regional Coverage 

Financial firms who have their business around the world are getting benefited from Setrega as one solution to solve all regulatory and compliance needs. It is successfully tested with major regulatory frameworks like MiFID II and NFA (National Futures Association) and regulatory authorities like SEC and SFC. Setrega is designed for accepting data in any formats, converting them into reporting formats and submitting to any regulatory authority in any form.