6 Reasons on why Financial Institutions need to adopt RegTech!

Every now and then, emerges a buzz word, which surges its industry growth exponentially. Such buzz word is ‘RegTech’, which is deciphering the regulatory concerns for many firms. Comparing to other industry, the most alarming victims of compliance are the BFSI sector. Being non-compliant, either affects their reputation/business or they lose a lot of money on penalty.  
So, let us discuss in this blog on how RegTech is impacting the way the financial institutions operate their regulatory frameworks.

How Setrega can help you overcome Regulatory challenges & enable RegTech Futuristic opportunities!

The innovation team at Sensiple make sure they are technically up-to-date when it comes to RegTech & its applications. The financial industry is growing tremendously day-by-day and the firms are demanding a comprehensible platform to work seamlessly with the regulators.  

On-the-GO, Mobile Trading; the new BUZZ word in Capital Markets Industry!

There was a time, when the traders can’t get out of their desk and it still exists at few places. This could bring down the efficiency and the accuracy of trading. After all, it is in human’s nature to err.
The number of smartphone users around the world has increased from 2.1 Billion in 2016 to 2.5 Billion in 2019 and the number is not going to plummet instead it’s going to rise! This millennium is in need for Speed, Accuracy and Efficiency. So, make your trading simple & efficient with on the GO Mobile Trading.